Configs About Graph in Projektive Blueprint

Hi i’m searching a way to make config about the GameUserSettings.ini for configs in a Buff Blueprint.
The option that i make configable in the User.ini is that:
MinDamagePerSecond and MaxDamagePerSecond.

I hope anyone can help me here.

A Example for the Graph is very good for me to understanding that graph.


Thats not helping me my question is how can chance the Values in the Buff blueprint. The Values that i like to chance see my first post.

Thats is from the Blueprint:ddcfe32dc048f6a8647209749a554c9d3ec6eb52.jpeg

That’s exactly what you need, change the variables in the example for the variables you want to change. Should be able to adapt that bit on your own.

OK thanks it works now. Sorry about all the questions but can you say me how can i set the number per gus.ini in the structure for Override Stasis Component Radius?