Config Water System Ripple for any height (UE 4.26)


I have a concrete problem with the configuration of the water system ripple. Actually I can get the ripples with no problem. You just have to prepare the actor you want to produce them (FluidForceDynamicSettings Variable) and set this code in the construct (between other little things).

The problem is that with all this, the ripples just appear in a little zone depending on what Z position the BP_FluidSim object of the scene has.

The point is that the only variable Ive seen that can modify this fact is that “water level” section.

But this just is executed one time in the construct, so I should not update the value of water level everytime the Z position of character change.

Does Some of you know exactly how to config these ripples for any height of the character that produce them?

Thank you so much