Config files very unstable dunno why

I use the save system with config files but they are always giving me problems like arrays of structs do a lot of weird stuff, I would not recommend em, any body has a workound to not use the config files in order to save stufff…?

.ini no good…

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My save game system is based on this “UDK Gem” example: UDK | DevelopmentKitGemsSaveGameStates

This saves the game state as a json object to a .sav text file. Very nice to work with and highly scalable.

Thank you ! Or a i use config files and go very simple or I use that Json thing…

I think saving game state in the config files is a bad idea.

For one, config files get reset to default values when the clocks change for daylight savings (twice a year). So your players will lose their save game. This will also happen if you change/add/remove anything in the Default*.ini files.

Much safer to keep your game-state save files separate from your config files. Game-state and config are very different things.

I see, well if you make dynamic arrays of structs there it always fails by some placed!!! Somehow, some way I checked.

Just to be clear, this problem can be avoided by using a custom .ini file instead of one of UDK’s native ones, custom .ini files don’t have a Default version and aren’t affected by the daylight savings bug.