Config fallback?

you can set a variable to be config file loaded

float MaxCameraOffset;

and then in an ini file like default


Then if i don’t set it, it goes with the value 8000
However, if I want to override, I could do that in the constructor() and set it there.

What I want is the inverse action.
I want to be able to set a default property in the header or cpp file, but if someone decides to change the config file or add it (if it wasn’t there) the config takes priority.

Is there a way to do this? (default in h/cpp, but override-able via config)

As far as I know that is the default situation. You set the default in the constructor; this can be overridden by configuration file / blueprint subclass and you can have another bite of the cherry in PostInitProperties(), where you could do additional things based on the value.