Config and graphic settings getting reset each time I do a release on Steam

Has anyone else solved this issue?


I still didn’t release a game on Steam :stuck_out_tongue:

are the DefaultXYZ.ini files being redistributed with every patch?

Well I can only speak for my most recent update, i ensured i removed the the UDKxyz.ini files, but not the DefaultXyz.ini.

Surely the DefaultXyz.ini files are required…

they are required but that doesn’t mean you need to patch them
when Steam makes a patch it only distributes the files that changed, which overwrite the old ones. Files that didn’t get patched remain the same in the end user’s installation

so if your patch includes “new versions” of DefaultXYZ.ini, unreal will regenerate the UDKxyz.ini files as it detected the change (this change will be detected even if the contents of the file are exactly the same)

I see, so you believe that if the DefaultXYZ.ini files are unchanged, then it shouldn’t re-generate new UDKxzy.ini files?

I wonder if just by re-packaging the game, the DefaultXyv.ini files have a slightly different hash that may be causing the issue, or whether it is purely based on the config within the files.

I’ll test it out on my next update.


yes that’s what I mean. even if the DefaultXYZ.ini files are unchanged it will have a different hash which will re-create the UDKxyz.ini ones.
the solution would be to not include those files in the patch
of course it’s only speculation based on what I know. can never be too sure :wink: