Cone Of Vision Help

Hi all!

I require assistance in implementing a Cone of Vision system using blueprint in my game. Similar to this - Darkwood pre-alpha gameplay trailer #2 - YouTube

Basically, It’s an isometric stealth game (not top down like in the video) where the player relies on the COV to see the enemy. COV should basically behave like a torch (adjusting in size and shape in accordance to environments in the world like pillars, crates, doors etc.) just without emitting a light source that bounces off walls.

If anyone is able to help with this enquiry I will be forever grateful!

Google for “behavioral trees”, “environment query system” and “pawn sensing” together with UNREAL. All topics are kind of advanced in unreal, but doable. Coding part is not hard but finding all those spots where to put what may be confusing. That is for enemy system.

In this youtube example you are kind of mixing 2 systems: one is visualisation and graphics effects, another matter is finding what is visible.
For visual effects you should look into “postprocess materials”.

For math side you see those AI topics and play with “DOT Product”.

Game mechanic in your question is not simple system, i do not know about any tutorial that shows something like that, you need to experiment.

Thanks for the reply. It’s more of a visual problem. We know how to make the system work, it’s more to do with how we can make the cone itself visual, that moves and act like in that clip.

I’ll take a look at some post process materials.