Hey all. I’m a level/technical designer by trade and for the last year or so I’ve been working on a first person puzzle game, set in an abstract world - project name Conduit, currently in concept. Still aggressively iterating on the gameplay but thought I’d start to share a bit of progress as I work to get a vertical slice together.

Thanks for taking a look! Any feedback welcome.

Currently Grey/White box as I block in the gameplay/composition, detailed meshing/materials still to come.

Starting to experiment with and push the visual style and workflow for level art. Trying to keep it simple, and easy/reasonably quick to build.

Really like the art style, colors and light also look pretty good :).
looking forward to seeing some more!

Thanks, Caboose! Really appreciate that! Art is one of the things I have the least direct experience in so it’s good to know I’m muddling through in a positive direction :slight_smile:

Continued to push the art over the last week: fleshing out additional areas of the level, worked on lighting a bit, and created some construction BPs to make things a bit easier on myself. Some bird’s eye editor shots to follow.

Going to switch things up for a the next little while and start fleshing out the initial gameplay/narrative sequence, so I can start showing some some of that.

Starting to rough out the narrative/gameplay for the level. Tutorials are pretty heavy handed at the moment - will see about integrating/pacing the introduction of mechanics/ideas better in full production levels.

Spent time over the last week on UI, core mechanics/gameplay, opening flow

Great Work, material grey is turned metal?

Thanks! Not sure I understand the question but I haven’t really thought too much about what this world is made of yet. The actual material itself is really simple with a .5 metallic and .5 roughness and that’s about all.

Not a lot new to show this week. Been working on refining the user experience and core mechanics. Should be getting back onto level design/art soon. Added a custom depth view mode to assist players in seeing what they can interact with in the environment.

Great feel. Nice work thus far. Looking forward to seeing more.

Eh, been a few months, that’s not good.

First of all, thanks RA3ID!

Aside from other commitments taking priority I took some time to assess where the project is at. Happy to say it’s not dead :slight_smile: but decided to reduce scope, for now.

To that end, working on a smaller, tighter level, really focusing on the gameplay and puzzle mechanics.

Really love your styles and the different shapes you got for the Architecture reminds me of halo :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Calibri”]Thanks :slight_smile: a big inspiration for me are a lot of the older shooter games (including unreal/UT of course, quake, etc). Love interesting shapes, spaces, compositions in level design.

Trucking on. Gameplay for this level is largely complete. Now working on narrative (tools, workflow, setup) and overall flow. Then back onto art and visuals.

Nothing too exciting to show but want to keep posting somewhat regularly for good measure.

Got the full demo experience scoped out and roughed in for a new gameplay build, and continued to push on the narrative components. Started filling in missing systems (including the super fun ones like state saving and level transitions)

Still going on this. Been working on everything from UX, technical systems, and art. Getting close to finishing the prototype demo.

Still coming along. New levels still in greybox.

Progress continues. Took a new full time position so slow but steady.

Still going. Pushing gameplay and tech in the background.

Keeping on. New level, new gameplay objects, lots of technical and visual polish.