condo building interior walkthrough with UE4.11

Here is the interior walk-trough video we made for a condo building located in Toronto, Canada. We did interior design, a realtime interior app for windows and finaly a VR version. Done in 3ds max and unreal engine 4.11.
+60 fps in 1080p with 980ti.
Hope you enjoy.

Virtual Tour Made by Arses Animation Studios
Music: V For Vendetta Soundtrack - Cat Power - I Found A Reason

Nice job, please whats your computer configuration, thanks

Cpu: 4770k
ram: 32 gig
vga: GTX 980ti G1 Gaming
2*SSD 128 GB in Raid 0

I love it!.

Thanks for posting.

nice modeling,i like the background behind the window,and some material look not realistic.

really nice indeed. I usually prefer more natural light (using a skylight perhaps) but this is fine nonetheless. the material and maybe also the model of the bed sheet and pillows doesn’t really convince me though