Conditions for Actor Removing

Hey, In my project I am trying to set up a basic quest, I’ve set the condition so that when the player walks up to an NPC they are given and letter and told to find the person to give it to, this attaches a letter to a socket on the player and when they approach the appropriate character the letter actor is removed, however when I tried to add backwards safety, lest someone go to the intended recipient before getting the letter and destroying it pre-maturely I have come across an issue, I now have it so that if you go to the first person before it does not have any effect on receiving the letter, but now when I enter his proximity the letter is not destroyed, below is my current setup, any help finishing this will be massively appreciated.

The first image is the blueprint for adding to the socket on the player, the second is the attempt to check if they have it before destroying it, any tip for fixing it?