Conditional Aim Offsets

I’ve got an animation blueprint that transitions between no weapon and holding a rifle. I have aim offsets for the rifle idle pose, and want to use that when the rifle is equipped. It seemed like the way to do this was to cache my base pose and then use a select node to use either the base pose or the base pose + aim offset depending on whether the character has their weapon out, like so:

However, when I do this, the character locks into a T-pose and stops animating.

If I run the a wire directly from the AimOffset node or the cached pose node, it works as expected, but the second I throw the select node into the mix, the entire AnimBP breaks.

Is this the wrong way to handle this situation, or have I done something wrong in my implementation? Any help would be much appreciated.

Heh. And the surest way to solve a problem on your own, is to ask in the forums.

Using Blend Poses by Bool instead of Select fixed it.