Condition to Level up

Hi everyone, I’m new using Unreal and programming games.
I’m working on a project that has the objectives of collect 10 objects to have the opportunity to change to the next level.
The objects are distributed between a maze after you have collected all of them you can go to the door and with the command Open Level go to the next Level specified in the blueprint of the door.
My problem is when I create the condition Unreal show me the error ‘Accessed None NewVar_0’ → this variable is a P1 (which is my main character).

I don´t know if someone can help to create a better code for the condition or to find a solution for the mistake.


Firstly, you may want to switch the Set nodes for NewVar_0 to GET nodes. If that does not fix it, the reason you are getting the accessed none error is that NewVar_0 is null(blank). Make sure that you set the variable at some point, before trying to access it.