Condition to End/Pause Game

I am stuck on trying to figure out how to create a Condition that ends the game when a Progress Bar is filled.

I currently have this set to 500 but cannot seem to figure out how to get the condition to end the game and I have gone through 5 different tutorials but I am still stuck so I am not sure how to proceed on this…

Can someone point me in the right direction for this please?

My scripting knowledge isn’t that great, its been an ongoing struggle. I’m not so sure that would work but I can try again. The Presents Score is the points given for destroying presents to the player so that’s kinda separate.

The second blueprint part on the bottom for AddingPresents tracks it on a Progress Bar and I want the game to end when the bar fills up to 500.

However, I have a third blueprint that is connected to an AreaChecker box that is actually counting and adding the presents together 1+1.

I couldn’t quite figure out how to combine this all to clean up the code so that was the best way I was able to do it without breaking everything.

What’s wrong with:


Ok, then it’s:


Yep, that worked, thanks so much!!