Concurrency rules beyond the global channel limit

I have a project set up to use 32 channels. I have partitioned my concurrency groups accordingly so they add up to 32 and never need to interact.

However, if I want to offer a 16 channel audio setting for the user, or their hardware limits the max channels to 16, I would like to know how best to handle this. I was hoping that the default would be to impose global concurrency rules when things spill over based upon the individual cue’s priority value. However, it seems that instead it is based on the cue volume (or volume multiplier value). Can I switch from volume based rules to priority based rules so I have more control?

Ideally I would like to be able to prioritise on the concurrency group level: so if GRP A and GRP B have a max of 10 sounds each, but I have a 16 channel limit and each group is trying to play 10 sounds, it would be very useful if I could set GRP A to high priority and GRP B to low priority rather than having to think about individual sound cue priorities (or volumes) in the context of the whole soundscape rather than their concurrency group.