Concrete Hallway

Hey guys! Trying to get better at scene building and lighting, so I’m working on this concrete hallway setting for a mega corporation doing mega secret things. I’m working along side lex Galuzin’s Corridor tutorial series, which covers a pretty broad spectrum of skills for beginners like myself. At this stage, I’ve replaced all the BSP brushes everything has been lit on a first pass. Really glad finally finished dressing the access and elevator rooms.

I’m still not sold on some of the formations in here, like the structural columns and I guess the props in the reception area of the hallway. I’ll play around with them a bit later one. For now I’ll do another sweep with lighting to address some dark unfinished areas and then start applying better materials to the flat grey surfaces from my own mod set. I’d like to hear from you guys and what can be improved at this stage. Let me know what you think.