Concerns with Rendering or Culling of Scene

I chose to forgo a lot of texturing to the overall landscape in favor of painting with the foliage tool. The tool itself works fine and is a really quick way to add some 3-D life to your environment. My problem is this. The scene only loads as the player gets closer to the objects which creates a kind of flickering of the overall scene as you move about in play mode. Also things seem to be a bit bright especially the bushes I am placing in the scene at the moment. Although they don’t really show the run time flickering I have uploaded some screenshots to give an overview of what I am seeing in the editor. I have been through the game settings multiple times trying to alter the cull rates and render options as well as in the meshes themselves. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

You screenshots are so small I can’t see anything.

Are you using static of dynamic lights?

You have to alter the cull distance on foliage to suit your taste. It’s in the tool, per mesh.