Concerns Related to Networking and Movement

Hello everyone! How are you?! Are you fine?! Being good developers and all? Yay! Great!

So here is the thing. Lately I have been thinking about networking I started to have a huge concern in my mind regarding movement and how smooth it could be replicated.

Here is the story;

Maybe you know it, I have been working on my Unreal Fighter 2D project, a template about creating fighting games in Unreal. Now, my whole movement is based on two things; One being a Timeline, and other being Add World Offset.

You see, a Timeline with a float value constantly updates the location of the player via Add World Offset. This happens when you jump, when you get hit and all that. Also please note that I am not using player BP, my all characters are pawns.

You could say “Why don’t you test it yourself?” but I never worked on networking so testing and I am sure someone knows a thing or two related this concern.

So here are the questions I would like a lil bit input upon;

  1. Am I screwed?
  2. Is there any way to make Add World Offset reliable?
  3. Is there any way to make the movement float variable, timelines, and/or specific nodes having very high priority to update when it comes to networking?
  4. What do you suggest for supper smooth movement?

I wish I could ask what they do at SF5, but alas, I need your help/opinion about this!

Thank you!

did you figure it out?