Concerning Optimizing Geometry


This is the first project that my team is undertaking and we’re all artists so we sometimes don’t have answers for what other people would think are basic knowledge. Currently I’ve been mapping out the level architecture in pre-planning before building the geometry within the engine. While doing so I’ve started wondering about concepts like Loading.

Some areas where the game will take place are rather condensed, a couple floors and several rooms. While other locations we’re looking at 13k centimeter with many floors and dozen explorable rooms per floor. I know that eventually you reach a point where an area becomes too large to use high poly models such as within GTA-style open world games and we want to have a fairly high fidelity product. I don’t want to end up getting into a situation where we’ve built levels then have to go and do the heavy work of chopping them up & copying into new levels once its all been constructed (especially nightmare inducing when using multiple level pieces of architecture where some layers may overlap).

So to simplify my question, how do you determine where you limit a level before loading the next?

I always do it in three steps:

(rough overview)

  1. where does the story + gameplay let me load the next one
  2. where is it good depending on the map + performance
  3. where is it perfect in case of the “feeling” (so that the player doesnt get annoyed by it) :slight_smile:

You could also use level streaming to offer a better playing experience :wink: