Concerning mesh smoothing algorithms.


I recently stumbled across an interesting blog, whereby someone implemented a method for smoothing a mesh in Unreal Engine using tessellation and displacement maps. I wonder if perhaps some facility for doing this as an option could be made available? The problem I’m trying to address is smoothing a base mesh exported from Daz by use of displacement maps baked from a high poly mesh. Some “one-click” tools and shader facilities for doing this would be great. Daz’s FBX export gives you the base mesh only. The high poly mesh is acquired in Daz with tessellation and a smoothing algorithm (Catmark I believe). It’s difficult if not impossible to smooth an already rigged and skinned mesh in a 3d modelling tool whilst keeping correct weight maps, blend shapes and so on. Some method of doing would be very useful indeed.

It depends on what you’re doing, that link you posted was trying to achieve the same result as using subdivision creasing, which it doesn’t sound like that is something you’re trying to do. for characters, you can use the current tessellation that UE4 has that has with a displacement map.