Concerning direction of the UE5 UI Design

When I downloaded UE5 Preview 1, I was really disappointed to see the C4D style category filtering at the top of Details pane:

This has been tried numerous times already in other software, where contents of panels got out of control, but it almost never worked. This solution usually signifies reluctance to address some deeper issue.

Yes, we all are finding UE less and less usable with the amount of button creep. For example the Rendering tab of the Project Settings has grown out of control. At the same time, we already have tools to manage this complexity! We can just collapse the rollouts! If I want to see just the rendering panel, I can just do this:

There don’t have to be new button panels in the UI, giving you alternate means of doing what’s already possible.

Let’s please focus on addressing the core issues here rather than bloating the user interfaces with UI elements supposed to manage the bloated user interfaces. You can’t fight cancer with more cancer.

1: Do NOT change the state of the rollouts when using the search box. If I spend time collapsing the rollouts so that I see only the relevant information:

And then I search some term:

When I close the search, I get back to this:

Just please fix the issue where search results modify the rollout states, so we can manage what we want to see when we want to see without losing the work we spend managing that UI element visibility, instead of the Engine throwing it away every time we search.

2: Give us easier way to manage the rollouts. For example give us ability to shift-click any rollout header to collapse all the other headers.

Instead of addressing the issue where UE simply throws away work the user spent managing the visibility of the UI elements using the already existing tools (rollout collapsing), we are keeping that bug in and putting a weird patch in terms of hardcoded categories, that just split the eternally-all-open-rollouts mess into smaller chunks.

It’s like putting a bandaid on arterial bleeding :frowning: