Concern about scripting language integration on the roadmap

I just saw that you decided to integrate a real scripting language after all, great news! :smiley:

Whatever language you chose here, will likely become the core of modding in the future. Especially for more complex mods that would be a chore to create in blueprints.

So it’s very important that this does not require any pre-compile steps in the editor, and the game (in shipping configuration) is able to execute and update custom scripts at runtime.

I’m sure you have already planned it like this, just want to confirm!

This is a good idea. A lot of game ideas I have focus around user generated content and not having to compile anything to modify the game removes a big obstacle - as does being able to write a mod without using any blueprint.

Not to try to detract from the happiness of the moment but based off of trello they are using the resources originally planned for Geometry 2.0 so anyone celebrating remember they pushed a feature back for you and not everyone is going to be happy.

I don’t see real reason for scripting language in ue4.

Wouldn’t these things be done by completely different teams?

Scripting language ?! Why on Earth ???

Unreal engine doesn’t have unlimited resources and programers so a lot of the top tier programers would probably be used for both projects and let me restate this is based off of my review of the trello page.

Please if you choose a scripting language make it have game specific features…not just another scritping language.

For example concurrency, nested coroutines, sync, race, parallel, closures etc built into the language.

See for inspiration. Or better yet just buy skookum since most of the pain points with skookum are because its not a first class citizen.

My 2 cents.

In general Blueprints are good, but some more advanced version of Math Expression is always great.

I hope not, that one looks incredibly confusing and different for no reason… the syntax makes less sense than javascript.

It also seems to require a proprietary IDE and precompilation, both is horrible.

Why not to have scripting language that is essentially BP, but in text format? (functions named the same as nodes, with the same functionality, but in C/C++ like syntax)

That would eliminate a lot of issues.

I’m kind of assuming that is how it will work. The script language will likely use the same framework for binding engine methods as blueprints, so everything is called the same.