Conceptual recommendation/advice much appreciated

Hello together,

i’ve come across a conceptual problem that would like to share with you to hear your opinions and experiences.

The target should be to have a game that contains a real-time chat over multiple instances and the ability to manage your own inventory (load, modify, destroy, trade).

Figure (1) shows the concept where the client himself is responsible for carrying out these actions via appropriate backends.

Figure (2) shows the concept where the client does not need to know the different backends, but only a dedicated server that performs the actions (authority) and communicates the state via replication or rpc’s.

Which concept (or another) would you use, or you could already gain experience and would be able to recommend it ?

Hello @TechLord ,

i have tried to understand your thoughts and have pictured them. Does that correspond to your idea?

The clients can not communicate with each other and they do not see each other (no characters), think of every client lives in his own world. Would this concept still work in terms of scability?
The dedicated game server would not sync map or player actions to everyone, but only serve as a middleware for the client to communicate with the backend servers, so I wondered if this is justified.

@NilsonLima, the REST API and the Chat Server (which is global, this is the reason why is not handled by the UE4 Server) would be the authorities, since they are the source of truth, not the client. The Figure (1) shows just how the client calls the backend servers to execute a command or a query, which of course is validated frist.