Concepting SciFi game projects. Looking for talented people to form a stable development team.

My name is Brent Liu
This is my portfolio:

I am a sefl-taught concept artist, and 3D modeller. I’ve played games since I was 7 and it’s been 17 years. From super mario to Dark souls, I played all kinds of games, and I studied most of them of why they succeed.
The reason is simple. They are more fun than other less successful title at their time.
So I will set up a team with people that share similar ideology, and create most addictive and fun rewarding games together.

My contact info.

Please ignore my previous post, it was written at a time when I should be sleeping but not.

Compensation details and general information of how this team will run:

I am only the concept artist, and I am going to have a non-exclusive responsibility of leading the team and projects. The only thing I want to keep is having the right to make design decisions for the projects. So if anyone want to be the leader of this team, I’ll let you try and see if you got it.

I previously said if the product makes any money, the revenue will be shared averagely between members. I see lots of problem with it. So let’s keep it simple. Royalty.

Aside of the royalty, it’s hard to promise, but I will try my best to reward any team member for their contribution based on an hourly rate(If royalty doesn’t reward enough). Quality is expected from the work.

Legal contract before we make money or start to form a official studio.

I plan to have maximum of 15 people on the team, ideally 5 to 10.

We will not try for high-end graphics unless we got ‘angel funding’. And I don’t mean we will have crappy graphic. I will ensure the products of our studio to have great aesthetics. Beautiful looking, but doesn’t require high-end graphics.

We could go for kick-starter when we have a good demo to show. But we will make sure to have enough publicity before doing so. Kick-starter funding will be used to pay hourly rate for everyone, alongside other expenses related to the projects.

In the end, I want this team to be a friendly yet professional environment. Make your suggestions, have meetings, settle issues and get to work.

I wish to know someone who is an Engine Programmer:


UE4 is powerful and what not, but there are things that we like outside of UE4.

I want to start talking with knowledgeable people about my ideas for either improve or modify the UE4 editor/engine to become all out a better development tool.

Also the modification we make, I would open it to public for everyone.

So what talent do I need exactly

One that know what they do and know their abilities.

One that is creative and put thoughts into action.

One that has the sense of beauty and understands what’s good, and what’s bad.

One that is willing to learn, and change.

Right, so the games I’ve played, and the bits and pieces I liked(or didn’t) about them:

This list will be continuously updated:

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (Still playing, series had deep story, V played like the best open world action game so far, the AI, the base building mechanics)

Monster Hunter series (Favourite, the design of monsters and equipments, the mechanics, the crappy but aesthetic graphics)

Diablo 2 & 3 (The loot, the itemization, 3 for the visual/graphic and all the improvement after Reaper of Soul, season, Oh and cinematic)

Dark souls 1&2 (The difficulty, the mood and feel, the intense action, the exploring fun)

Beyond Good & Evil (I barely remember it, but the character design, the different action throughout the game. At least it was stunning good back in the days)

Borderlands (The wacky dialogues, actions and dramas, cl4ptp)

Bioshock series (The setting, the background story, the mood, BS:Infinite’s time paradox)

The Last of Us (Didn’t play, but the emotions beyond the story…)

Flappy bird (Well, it test your nerves)

The original Baldur’s Gate series (Best RPG back in the days, the tossing dice mechanic is very interesting, this is one great thing created even before video gaming. Table top RPG with dices, YAY)

Might & Magic Heroes III (Once sits at the throne of turn-based strategy game, the variations of units, the mechanics, the explorations)

Original Never Winter Nights series (Spiritual successor of Baldur’s Gate, game mechanics just like baldur’s gate, but in 3D)

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (YOU GOT TO PLAY AS Drizzt Do’Urden, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT)

FTL (Very interesting approach on strategy and exploration. Decision making)

Counter Strike series (The competitive moments, the hard-core part of gaming)

StarCraft and WarCraft series (The strategy ones, not WOW. They had game editors that extends the games’ potential to surpass themselves. Say Dota. And the way SC2 editor gets every bit of data together is just amazing)

World of Warcraft (Played for a month, great aesthetics, mind blowing amount of content, vast variety of story and RP element, and no I don’t like the MMO part)

General MOBA (It’s tricky)

Infinite Blade (Interesting story, great design that fits touch screen so well, but mechanic gets boring after a while)

Castlevania (Classic 2D ones) (I forgot which one is it in the series I’ve played, but **** it was the most fun game I’ve ever played on a handheld device. It’s challenging, but it’s also very rewarding. The moment when you find a special weapon, and the moment you beat the boss with it)

Kingdom Hearts (lovely game, but nothing too special. Except the japanese version of ending music by Utada Hikaru)

Final Fantasy 9, X, X-2 (I know, I know. I didn’t have time to finish any of these games, but the graphics and designs)

Guild Wars 2 (The character design, the art style, the environments. But no, not the MMO part)

Classic Command & Conquer + Sand Dune series (Before SC2, they were probably the best RTS games)

J-RPG: Sora no kiseki series of 3 (The story force you into tears, but that aside, character development was exceptional, combat design was also interesting. It also give you an option to skip all combat just for story!!! how thoughtful)

Cave Story (retro to the core! a short little crazy adventure with a fun story. the control, and the retro musics)

Fez (One brain hurting mind twisting fun game. the secrets and the thinking behind this game is astonish)

Bastion & Transistor (Amazing art style, Amazing sound & music, Amazing Voice acting, and very fun & interesting mechanic for transistor, I just liked the art & music more)

Metal Slug series (needless to say, it’s great fun playing it)

Devil May Cry series (Probably the coolest main character ever, but not only that, you got to play as someone else in the story after you finish it. the coolness of the actions in this series are unbeatable, I played 3 & 4, and 5 looks utterly amazing despite Dante’s hair colour :P)

Swarm (1998) (This is a not so well known game, but it is exactly a game I want to recreate with modern technology and my own design approach. The fun part of this game? action & exploration with different types of weapons, game gets harder and harder, and it got a wracking ball in it, back in the days, it’s probably the coolest physics simulation you can get in video games)

Ironclad Storm (translated from Chinese, 1997 ish) (This is the first strategy game I played. It was developed by a game company in China, game’s mechanic is something I haven’t ever seen again even until today. You got to customize your units by 3 parts, and the resources you get is from colony taxes, nothing else. 3 factions with very distinct style, but all human. Generally, if I want a classic RTS to be remade, this is the one I will choose)

The Elder Scroll and fallout series (I don’t need to say anything about this, probably greatest open world RPG games)

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (Who would thought of might & magic to be made in Source Engine as an action game? But tbh, it’s still the best First person action adventure game I played that isn’t modern or Science fiction setting, the action was so fluent, and the level design is crazy)

Ahh, since we get to source, let’s talk about source games:

Half Life 2 & ep1, ep2 (Gordon Freeman don’t talk, yet still every one love it, why? because of level design and the background story setting, we are irresistibly wanting to explore more about that universe)

Portal 1&2 (Not to say its connection with Half-life series, portal itself blown millions of minds, I’m not bragging this, but I beat the game pretty fast and I loved how it changed the way I think. Though, I loved more how GlaDos talk, and the ending music for both)

Team Fortress 2 (It is what happens when you bring diablo kind of itemization into a not so serious team fighting FPS game. See? Itemization, if you implement it right, the game will fly)

Dota 2 (Nothing to say, it’s moba. And I understand the reality)

Left 4 Dead 1&2 (Zombies, nobody want them, but everyone like them. What I liked about it however, is the experience to co-op and achieve objectives)

Minecraft (Did you notice, every game that is named as ???craft, sold millions. Joke aside, I like the creativity of the game, but it lacks excitement after you find some diamond)

LIFE IS STRANGE (A new kind of experience of story telling. I really, really like the graphic style, and I can’t wait for Episode 5)

Star Conflict (I love the ship designs by Karanak. But unfortunately the game wasn’t exactly popular)

Don’t starve (why not. it’s a great survival game with a distinct visual style)

Elite Dangerous (So immersive that the game become very boring after you realize it)

Zeno Clash (well, it’s one weird game, but kind of fun)

Deus: EX (ok I know I already said Dante from DMC is the coolest, but Adam Jensen is even cooler in a different aspect. Loved the game, but it has lot more potential)

To be continued, not sure when I’ll update this, since it’s already long enough.

+1 Blueprint Programmer / UI Designer - SoulSpectrum
+1 Music Composer / SFX Artist - iCompose.


I don’t think a list of all the games you’ve played is really all that important, most people will assume you play games if you’re making a game and if you haven’t then it will be obvious.

Well, I play game not just for entertainment. It adds to my experience for designing games and also give me inspiration. I always believed that if one doesn’t play a lot of games, he won’t know games better than a person who does.

And if one doesn’t know game to an extend, then how is it possible for this person to become a great game designer?

That aside, I understand what you are trying to say. Thanks for pointing it out.

That’s important to be able to make a great game, but the first thing that’s more important is some kind of skill that can be used in the game development–since you’re a 3D artist it’s way more important that you’re good at 3D than it is how many games you’ve played. People will be more interested in joining your project if it’s proven that you’re good at 3D and you’ll be able to contribute to the actual game development than if you have no skills and just have lots of game playing experience.

Hello everyone, glad to be working with these guys. I am the “iCompose” SoulSpectrum spoke of, just checking in so I get notifications and can be active in the thread.

Hi RemoteCrab131, thats a great list of game playing experience there. A lot of source to pull game ideas from, so, I’m very curious at whats the first game you want to develop. Whats that dream game?

I did link my portfolio in the thread, i believe(and it’s in my signature as well), and that should show something. The list of games are just half the point, half my gimmicks. :smiley:

My portfolio may show not too much of what I can do for now. It’s a good time for me to start popping stuff in it to prove that I am capable of what I claim to be.

Though, you have to let me entertain myself daily for at least 1 hour. LOL, Joke aside, I got your point.

I am planning to make a vertical scrolling game, but not just a simple vertical scrolling game. It will involve a lot of ideas and elements I liked from other games. Say, loot system, RPG leveling system and something similar to MGS V’s base building mechanic, etc, alongside many original ideas for the details and how they are implemented. But to be honest, the concept hasn’t matured yet, that’s why I didn’t want to post it in the main thread.

You may have heard the game “Gemini Strike” which made to iOS store. You can imagine that as a basic model, and my plan is far more complex than that, and they won’t share too much of similarities.

I am not trying to make a dream game. I’m trying to make a fun game. In fact “Dream game” is never a thing I wanted to create. A fun game though would be definitely something I want to play.

My ultimate goal however would be a game not just fun, but also memorable, and hopefully it can influence the world to become better. And I have been concepting it on my own for a long time already, but making such game isn’t a simple task to be pulled off by few. So I’ll save it for the day I have my own studio and funding.

Meanwhile, just the vertical scrolling game.

You make me sound a bit arrogant, but that is my true thought.

I shouldn’t spend so much time writing this really.

Hey I’m interested

I’m good at designing stuff… I would be interested in helping. Poor coding skills, bad with art but good at designing how a level or system within the game works. Lots of ideas.

Well, this is controversial. Interesting, however.

Royalty implies nobody gets payed unless and until the project starts to bringing in the dough; there are a few factors I think that are omitted here, to wit, the fact that marketing matters and will consume a good amount of money.
Then again there is the issue of how exactly the money will be distributed; if there is a generally accepted practice for this, I am unaware of it. Might be best to write those kind of things down.

Also, a ‘vertical scrolling game’ with base building, wait, what?
You don’t mean a top-down perspective in a game, do you, by any chance?

P.S. I have yet to see a thread labeled ‘Writer needed’.