Concept Idea

This Idea began as a Type to / talk to/ drag and drop interface, for creating movies software video games music comic books ect. it was going to be a software/ OS, and an online at home business. But as I’m in debt the chances of euntrepenuralism are out of the question…however i was thinking it would suit well as a game mode Interface or an add on more so…regardless the layout starts as a outer toolbar with dropships (drag and drop tools) on top, walls on the right to choose backgrounds, social features, or schemes. - a scheme is a type of interactive background such as circles with distance lines for space creating in a simple structure. and the bottom would be the Lab (music interface and other “drawers” ie character customizers. and for the left i created a side scroller slash art 2d in 3d granulator using pillars Totems, voodoo and tiki masks, and fu dogs and gargoyles. the turning effect on 2d can give a textured effect on the art, like granulates or oil paint…but I’m not a coder…This game mode could go by either God Mode or Odd Mode as an Ode to Mod’s, - also the toolboxs on the outer bar can cluster and move according to user.
what I’m wondering is as I’m not a coder, how could i get this done, should i putter around trying to start from scratch as a newb, or is there a joint project possibility or even if unreal was to turn this into an optional feature/add on…-it doesn’t have to do or include all the features and it could be built upon as well. any thoughts. (this is a rough draft of the basics, and obviously it doesn’t have to create any and everything, but maybe over time it could. I was thinking of starting small and just creating an interface to start maybe even to make it a portion of a game)