Concept Artists needed!

Project Title (Game):
Death of an Immortal

Rev Danks was born in the verminous streets of Rennis island in 1899. He inherited powers no human could possess, but also an uncontrollable second personality named “J”. In an effort to subdue the destructive abilities of his alter ego, he left the island to seek for a cure. After several years in isolation, a letter by Emily - one of his few childhood friends - reached him. A plead. Return to the embargoed Rennis island and save her.

Action game with RP elements
2.5D isometric perspective
**Noir game with steampunk elements**
**Dark Atmosphere **

Core Team:

Filippos Christianos - Project Managment, Programming & Game Design

Dimitris Tsilifonis - Lead Writer, Creative Director

Dafni Stavridi -3D Artist, Level Design

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
Experienced Concept Artist for early character designs and illustrations.

*We are looking for a talented individual to whom we can commission a first B&W sketch (paid ofc) and if we are satisfied with the result, cooperate into creating a wide array of concept arts and illustrations. *

Detailed information (both internal & external characteristics) as well as overall style will be provided.

We might be a small independent team, but *we will be crystal clear on what we want and compensate you for your work. *

Location is not relevant as long as you can communicate through Skype.


Sounds like the premise of a good story! Very Jekyl and Hyde. Any idea how many total concept sketches you’d need by the end of the project?

Hey! Thanks for the interest. Indeed, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is one of our main inspirations!
As for the sketches we are initially looking for 4-6 character designs and 3-5 environmental/architectural illustrations!

awesome, well this is 100% up ourr alley. One of the amazing things about steampunk is how well it combines with other genres, and melding it with noir is something I wish we saw more of!

Hey everyone!
After completing a first batch of concept arts we are looking again for 2D artists to make characters and environments! Please contact us at the email given in the first post for more info!