Concept Artist


My name is Ethan and I’m a Project Manager for an Unreal-based game project currently looking for a Concept Artist to work between myself and the 3D artists we already have available.

The theme is “Historical Multi-Civilization”.

The cool part of this role is that while our game contains multiple ancient human civilizations such as the Mayans and Norse (Vikings) we’re designing our own “What if X civilizations…” fantasy-earth world scenario. Essentially this means we’re looking for a Concept Artist who can help imagine characters, clothing, armor, environment aesthetics that greatly resemble historically accurate versions of these civilizations, but also are somewhat based in fantasy and sensationalized, such as with the movie “300”.

The requirements are very simple with the only requisites being “we like your ideas” and the ability to generate both perspective concept art as well as, when called upon, totally accurate orthographic-perspective concept art that our 3D artists can develop their assets from literally without having to use “guesswork”.

All interested parties are encouraged to email their credentials and a link to their relevant portfolio [EMAIL=“”]at this email address.