Concept artist Needed (rev-share)

Hey Artists all over the world! Me and my team looking for a neat Concept artist to work way more efficient. And no pls we talk about CONCEPT ARTISTS no illustration artist that need 2weeks for one picture and than it is detailed and beautiful as hell! :smiley: real concept artists know what im talking about.

To our Project: We are currently 2 3D artists 1 Coder 1 Sound Engineer and we are working on a Dystopian Sci-fi RPG (without spacships)! I hope we creating something rly new and facinating! on this thread you can read more about it or just pm me and ask me directly !

hello! interesting in participating as a concept artist, i mainly do creatures and characters. but can dabble with env and props if needed, :slight_smile:

Portfolio and resume

you got a mail :slight_smile:

still searching :slight_smile: