Concept Artist Needed For Sci-Fi Zombie Survival Game

I am the leader of a small game development team creating a post-apocalyptic open world game set on Mars 150 years into the future with a low poly art style.

Right now we need a concept artist to tease the game and give the modelers something to base their models on.

Game Description:
Mars, 2167. The genetics corporation NextLife has developed a drug that can regrow lost limbs, labeled ReHeal. However, early testing is not showing the best of results. There are still some… unfortunate side effects to the drug.
An attack on the NextLife lab in the capital released the drug, infecting nearly everyone living there. Mindless, they advanced towards neighboring settlements, determined to assimilate them all.
Within months, all but 15% of the Martian population had been infected. And life as they knew it was gone. You are now faced with two choices: Escape or die.

There’s also a wiki for where some characters, vehicles, locations, etc are found: AfterMars Wiki | Fandom

Info about salary:
We are working on a playable demo of the game. When complete, we will release it to the public alongside a Kickstarter campaign.
This would be done without any of the team members getting paid.
If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will put together a bigger team and make the full game.
Then everyone on the team would get paid (using the Kickstarter money).
We would then release the game on steam early access for 10-30 euros/dollars.
Everyone in the team would get some royalty from the money we make on the game.

I hope that you can join us in making this into a reality.

Benjamin Grimm