Concept Art Sketchbook - Owen Prescott

As someone who spends a lot of time drawing I have amassed a bunch of sketchbooks more recently orientated towards sci-fi and technology concepts. I realised this forum probably habours some scifi fans who might be interested in my work. I’m also considering create 3D recreations for VR and 3D assets. Here’ some samples… :slight_smile:

Earlier works

Nice work!

Awesome! Sketching is a great way to concept out designs for an environment. I do it with my sci fi assets as well. Looking forward to seeing your 3D creations. =)

Thanks, heres I sketch I finished today.


This is impressive. I love it all.

I personally use AutodDesks Sketchbook for its simplicity and the two mate together like a dream. I would like to get an updated XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Drawing Pad With Screen simply for work directliy on the screen feature .