Concatenator mode for Cues

Is it possible to create a concatenator (sequential) playback for cues? To play another cue when a sound wave reached its end in the previous cue. I need it to play cues with different priorities in concurrency settings.

I assume it might be possible with Blueprints but I am newbie with UE and will be grateful for any hints.

Yes it definitely possible. You’ll want to setup a specific blueprint to do this. It might be possible with a function library—but only if you use no latent functions. The function you’re looking for here will be found by adding an Audio Component to a blueprint and then with it selected, instancing a On Playback Finished event in the blueprint script.

for me to go into more detail than that would require a specific user-story (a step by step description of how you want the feature to work).

ive never set something like this up specifically but it’s totally doable. What’s it for? Speech conversations?

You’ll need some kind of Object to keep track of state between sound plays. But you can keep it pretty light by making a master class and then using Data Blueprints for all the instances.