Conan Exiles Mod question...

OK, So I have an Idea for a MOD for Conan Exiles, but I wanted to talk to the knowledgeable folk here to see if it was even doable.

How difficult would if be to create a playable race(Or religion) of giants. To retain all the customization of any of the other races, but scale up the model and swap out all the animations with the ones used by Mitra and boost all the stats accordingly?
Is it doable?
How hard would it be?
How much would it cost to hire someone to do it?

59 views, but not a single response. I love how engaging and helpful this community is… XD

That’s a very specific question for Conan exiles modders. You posted on the Unreal engine 4 forums. Most of the views are from UE4 devs who have no idea how to answer those questions because those systems aren’t in the engine.

I know, at least I hope thats whats going on. I’m just frustrated… I been trying to get this MOD made Literally for years now. I originally wanted it for ARK, but I’m playing Conan now, and I think it would be a better fit there. Plus, it would probably be easier to do for Conan because thanks to Mitra the animations and everything I want already exist in that game. It just needs to be applied to a scaled up human model…