Conan Exiles Dev Kit - Error Uploading to Steam Workshop

I have a simple mod that I created with the UE4 Conan Dev Kit. It cooks just fine without errors, and runs when I manually place the mod into Conan. However I can not upload it, when I do it says
“Couldn’t initialize SteamAPI. Are you sure Steam is running and you are logged in?”

This is from the log file:

LogModManager: SteamUpload completed with code -1
LogModManager:Warning: Couldn’t initialize SteamAPI while updating item. Are you sure Steam is running?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Things I’ve tried.
Removing Steamguard
Logging out of steam and back in
Rebooted the computer
Verified Dev Kit Integrity
Verified Preview pic is less than 1mb
Searched google
Searched google some more
Searched these forums
Searched Redit

Thank you for your time and help!

I have the same issue, do you resolve it?

Is this a recent issue? The exact same thing is happening to me and this thread contains the only other cases I can find through a google search.