Conan Exiles - Creating a mod that changes another mod?

Hey there folks,

So I’ve not tackled UE modding before but I’ve spent a good bit of time with the Bethesda Creation Kit, Frosty Tool Suite, and some other basic modding stuff. I’m hoping to create a slight alteration to an existing mod (Specifically, Age of Calamitous) for my own personal use. Maybe if I get it working I’ll contact the mod author about opening it up for others, but for now it’s just for me.

Just doing some cursory research it seems like it’s not quite as easy to edit an existing mod in UE as some of the other engines I’m used to, so I guess my question would be, is it possible at all? My thought was to extract the .pak, find the element I wanted to change (a particularly frustrating death effect called the Ektarian Plague) and find a way to nullify it. If my understanding is right, I should be able to then re-pack just the element(s) I changed, load it after AoC in my load order and have it overwrite that portion of the original mod.

Which is fine in theory, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to get started, or even if I should attempt it at all. Any input is welcome.