Comunication between blueprints and level blueprint?

I have created a blueprint from mesh (lets call it “box”).
Inside Event Graph I made timeline to move that mesh in Y direction (by vector track). Then on my Level Blueprint I have a SpawnActor (from class…) to spawn my “box” blueprint (triggered by Tick Event with Delay). Everything goes fine, untill i want to controll some parameters, like play rate of spawned instance of my “box” blueprint.

Quick look into tutorials and I found video tutorial where someone explained how to controll blueprint (move it in Z direction) - but with Buleprint existing on level, not an instance spawned when playing.

I checked documentation and I found explanation of using Event Dispatchers. Then I checked Blueprint Communication level from Content Examples - Point 2.3 of that level looks like answer for my question, but its hard to study step by step and little confusing - really :wink:

My question is: How to comunicate between Level Blueprint and spawned items (not existing in editor)?

I want to for example change play rate of spawned box to move it faster when player will press “X” key on keyboard, and I want to set Event for pressing “X” in level blueprint, not in “box” blueprint.

So you have some moving objects that you want to be able to speed up while X is held. That should be easy enough.

Off the top of my head, have you tried using the “Get All Actors Of Class” node in your level Blueprint? That will return all of your “Box” actors, assuming that’s what you set for its input. You can then talk to all of them at once (using a ForEach loop), or select one from the output array. You would then want to make sure you cast the array element to your desired class (just to make sure you’ve got the right thing and give you access to its variables).

Start there, see if that gets you what you need. :slight_smile:

Thank You very much Zak. That’s solution for my problem!