Computers good for this?

I am scraping some monies together to get myself a good computer for UE4 programming. I have never before ran software of this intensity, and I need a better machine than what I have currently. I would prefer a laptop, so I can work i areas other than my desk, but I am still open to building or buying a desktop monster. I need some options, as I am running thin on ideas. Finding a computer is not the problem. In fact, if I could, I would but one of those freaking $5000 machines. However, I have a budget. I am looking for options running in the $500-$800 range, that can run the minimum requirements well.

i dont think a laptop is in your range. A decent laptops around 1200-1600$ a desktop would be perfect for that range.

I don’t think a laptop in that price range will work. But this will:

AMD FX-6300
ASRock 970 PRO3
Corsair DDR3 1866 8GB (2x4GB)
WD Blue 1TB
Raidmax ATX Case w/500W PS

Total: $588.94

I built a slightly lesser version of this (FX-4300, 1600 mem, Extreme3 M/B) and get 120 fps in the editor with the starter level loaded.

For 800€ Bucks you get a nice system.
Aim for an upgradable pc and upgrade later, piece by piece, if needed.
I would never use any AMD or ATI products ever again.
I stick with intel i-2500k 16gbram(most important part!) and an old 560 ti, running well.
When you dev on high end spec and you fill your project till performance drops, noone will be able to play it under your specs, even if baked is running better then PIE.
Kind regards