Computer spec for UE 5

Wait and see.

Hi there,

Would you be able to recommend what kind of computer spec would be optimal to run the upcoming Unreal Engine 5 smoothly (considering high end graphics)?

I was thinking of Getting a Ryzen rather than intel but I am very clueless and will really appreciate your advice.
I am unsure about processor, graphics card, motherboard, required memory etc…

Many thanks!

Just to add: I also 3D model and do 3D animation so considering this type of work with game design

Take current recommended specs and add 20%

Would you be able to recommend an optimal spec for the latest current version of UE?

Look on PS5 specs as UE5 seem to run for it good as we seen in the demo. If demo to believe NVidia RTX 2xxx and 3xxx are best chose as it will support most of DirectStorage which is something similar to what PS5 does.

Now (and this is importent to UE4 too) don’t listen to Gaming spec recommendations you can hear in YouTube as they in believe that muticore is useless for games. If you can get more cores get it as there many slow processes in game development that scale infinitly with number of cores stuff like code compilation, shader compilation, bakeing operation like light map generation etc. GPU can actully lower as UE4 and UE5 most likely can work in non-real time rendering (but that also means you may have problem actually playing the game), that said i would look on console specs that suppose to be able to run UE5. If you thinking about VR you need biify GPU.

Also twice as much of RAM then new consoles, the more RAM the better, all those slow processes mentioned above is also very RAM consuming.