Computer Screen in 3D Game

Hello everyone.
I’ve been trying to get an interactive screen working in my game, and am getting stuck every step of the way.

What it’s supposed to do is draw a small rectangle with information wherever the player is looking at on the screen, the information obviously changing depending on what option the player is looking at. The way I made the screen is that it is just multiple layers of 2D planes that have slight differences in depth(which is probably not the best way of going about doing things)

When I try to make a raytrace to one of these actors, it doesn’t recognise a collision. Is it because they’re just 2D planes?
Is this way of making the screen even going to work out in the long run?

Anyone? Still having trouble with this…

Hi Wertpol,

I don’t believe that raytracing will work without the sprites having some kind of collision. I’m not sure of a way to get this to work using sprites as you are attempting but I can offer an alternative. I would suggest looking into 3D widgets and having one imitate a computer screen. You can find a tutorial for beginning with 3D widgets here:

I believe this would be the best way to go about making a computer screen in-game.

Have a nice day

Thank you very much! I’ll look into it.

Yeah, I’ve tried to make a screen with 3d widget. It almost works. When i click on it, the axis is rotated 90 degrees, and to click a buttons that are vertical I need to move mouse horizontal. Dunno how to fix it.