Computer Science VS Computer information systems

I am looking to get a job as a video game programmer, but I am not sure which degree is better for the job.

Computer Science. If you want to be a programmer, absolutely no question about it.

Make sure you really make the most of the data structures and algorithms units. The language specific stuff…meh…but having a really solid understanding of the core concepts is critical.

I have a CS degree. Most jobs in general seem to prefer a CS degree over CIS and I’m pretty sure CS degree can translate over to any CIS type field if you have the experience.

Honestly, working on your own projects will teach you the most. Most of the CS projects are completely unrealistic with the purpose of brutally teaching you some simple concept in the most difficult way possible in order to earn your A…and then stacking another project on top of that one before anyone in the class is even done with the first.

Even tho i have an *** in it, i will say getting a degree in computer science will definitely be worth it.