Computer recommendation

Hi i wasn’t sure were to post this so hopefully this is a good spot. I’m interested in game design and have no experience, I’m curious if there are any stock computers out there that can handle unreal engine 4 or if ill have to go with a custom one. If customs the way to go does any one have any suggestions for sites that will build one?

Well, a computer for game development is jyst a good gaming pc. Just search for some nice gaming computer compositions. You need at least 8 - 16 RAM.

I just built an -7 4830 with 24 gigs of ram, GTX 760 and SSD harddrive, and it is more than enough power for me so far. You could buy that for around $2k or so (probably less if you look around)

It always depends on how much money you want to spend :slight_smile:

I have setup a pretty good one for 500 €:

-8 gb RAM (dont go under 8 GB)
-Intel i5-3570
-window 7 64 bit
-geforce gtx 660 ti
-a cheap motherboard

Of course I had to assemble it by my own and I also bought those parts from several suppliers (amazon, local stores,. :slight_smile:

Also take a look at this wiki page:

A stock gamer computer (alienware, falcon northwest, etc) should run Unreal fine if it has quad-core CPU and 8GB or more RAM and a GeForce GTX 760 or better (the upgrade to 770 is worth it; the 780 maybe not as much value.)

Similarly, a stock workstation computer should be able to do it, if you get a high-end graphics card for workstations (Quadro, FireGL) – note that those cards cost thousands of dollars, though; the low-end “workstation” cards are not worth it. Workstations also allow you to add multiple CPUs and more RAM, which may help if you run a lot of batch processing or whatnot. Costs money, though.

There are also “gaming laptops” that will work. Something like an MSI GE70 with 860M graphics is a pretty good deal at $1200:

Thanks for the help guys. Another question i noticed in the requirements it suggested windows 7 how many issues would i run into if i was using windows 8?

I am using Windows 8.1 and didn’t run into any trouble with the Unreal Engine so far. Windows 8 may have many drawbacks but compatibility does not seem to be one of them.