Computer Parts List?Budget $1500

Hi I have a friend willing to build me a computer i just need the parts and have a budget of 1500$ - 2000$,
I want to make a third person survival horror for PC, PS4, XBoxone, etc.
The computer i have now starts to really bog down and crash when i try and create the higher poly models
If someone could help me out I greatly appreciate it.

GTX 980 (Ti for Kite Demo)
Intel i7 6700k
16Go RAM DDR4 (32 for Kite Demo)
Compatible motherboard (Asus ROG Maximus VIII)
800W - 1000W alimentation

PS4/XBOX One : you will need a license from Microsoft/Sony, UE4 won’t let you make console games otherwise

If someone is going to give you the cash, get 32GB of RAM…

If you are considering building a powerful machine for UE4 development for around $2500, here is a spec we recommend:

Intel Core i7 4930K processor
Intel X79 chipset motherboard
Nvidia GTX 770 video card
The 4930K is a great cost / CPU power trade-off for compiling the engine and running the editor.

We have found SSDs to be the best user experience, and with the advent of the Samsung Evo series even large amounts of SSD storage have become attainable.

Copious amounts of RAM is the single biggest contributor to a smooth user experience. While the editor and engine don’t use 32 GByte, having the memory available for the disk cache is a boon, especially as a programmer compiling the full engine. We found going above 32 GByte resulting in diminishing returns.

You can take the consideration of Evols along with this list and shop around for what you can afford.