Computer not running Unreal Engine to it's best ability.

Greetings all,

My team and I have been using the Unreal engine to develop our project for a year now and have found it to be a very powerful tool. However, we’ve begun to have some runtime errors, one being extremely low “FPS” that drop too 25 and 15 once I add some dynamic lights to my world and make the lightmass importance volume bigger. At certain areas of the “Sun Temple: environment example” it will drop to 12 or 9 “FPS”. We can break 30 “FPS” only when the graphics are turned extremely low. We are currently using the OS X Yosemite, here are the additional specs.


If anyone has an idea why it is not running properly we would very much appreciate their input. This has been a real stopper for my team.


Well, a 750M is about 1/3rd as fast as a GTX 750ti, a low end gaming GPU that you can get for around $100. And in editor performance is lower than the performance of a packaged game, and there is a slight performance hit in OSX vs Windows with UE4, that kind of performance seems expected and normal for that hardware.

You’ll have to turn down and off a lot of features to get a decent frame rate.

The OS X editor needs some improvements but when I ran the editor on a mid 2011 iMac I was getting 60fps, I installed Windows 8.1 using bootcamp and I get 100fps developing my 2d game. Not sure why there is a such a big difference but from what I understand it is better to run the editor in Windows for the time being.

So, if I and my developers need better “in editor” performance/quality we should purchase a windows and get a GTX 750ti?

I think windows is the best operating system for the Unreal engine judging by what I have seen so far.

So, if I and my developers need better “in editor” performance/quality, we should purchase a windows and get a GTX 750ti?

Or buy Apple hardware with actual graphics cards. Mobile graphics hardware is much weaker than its equivalent card.