Computer Freezing Randomly

I have read through alot of the other questions on here and still cant figure out what is going on with my end here. Some days i can go hours without any problems and other days i can barely make it 15 minutes before my system locks up and i have to hard . I have downloaded my latest drivers for my video card but this does not seem to fix the issue. I have attached my DxDiag output. I have also checked my CPU/GPU temps and they are all normal at the time of freezing. I have not been able to pinpoint any certain actions in the editor as i have had it freeze on me during random times and not from one certain event that i can reproduce each time. Any ideas would be helpful.

how is the memory usage in task manager ?

i am checking that right now, monitoring the while i am trying to do work…

Game Log File

Your computer’s hard disk may have bad sectors.

monitor task manager and see how high it gets before a crash, if possible. I’m asking because i had my computer crash due to UE4 and it was due to the UE4 processes hogging up memory. It was only in play mode if i remember correctly…

Are you using blueprint scripting or C++ ?

i am using blueprints, i have been trying to test different things with it as well to trigger a crash but nothing i have done has caused it to crash…i did notice my memory usage climbing up after i opened all of my levels to make small changes in each…but i never went above 50% memory usage overall

It did not crash again last night after talking to you, however i have been at work all day today so i have not tested anything out today. i am not sure how i would post a sample project as the only 2 projects that i have are current games i am working on and all of the art assets and plugins i am using are paid for items and i dont know if i can post that stuff online for free :confused:

Hi warka,

Have you been able to reproduce this again? From what we’ve already gathered, it may be a specific asset or step being taken that causes the error to occur, if you could post a sample project that you’ve experienced this error in, I’ll be happy to take a look.

You can send me a copy of the project privately through the forums if this would be more comfortable for you. If not we can try to find a solution without the project. Were the assets bought on the marketplace or from external sources?

Try turning the dungeon architect plugin on in the blank project and see if that is causing the error, if so it may be something directly related to their plugin that is causing the error to occur.

all of my art is purchased through the marketplace, the only thing that is not right from the marketplace is the dungeon architect plugin i am using that i got from the forums

i can try this when i get home today

Also, i upgraded my ram to 32GB today…see that if helps…

so another day of freezing! what i have noticed this time is that it appears to be happening right after the engine does a save all…so for example if i save all then shortly (like 2-5 seconds) after i get a freeze…its not every time i save though…which also makes sense when i was getting freezes when i ran the game in a standalone window as the engine always saves everything before doing that…soo that might be part of something…i dont know just an update of where i am…

new trend i have been noticing about the freezing…so it appears to be when i click out of the engine (like to use a web browser of something) and then click back into the engine i sometimes get a freeze from that…not sure what would be causing but its something i have noticed over the last day or so…

Can you send me a copy of one of the projects you are experiencing these freezes with? I’ll take a look and see what may be occurring.

is there a non-public way to send you a copy of the project folder for this? the game i am working on is intended for commercial release and would not want to post it on this thread.

You can private message me on the forums under this account name and I’ll grab it from there. When you send it, you can link me to an FTP server link with the . of the project such as dropbox or google drive. For added protection you should be able to password protect or make it private and force a “request permission” email from me.

ok i will try that when i get home from work today…should be in like 5-6 hours from now