Computer freezes up and or crashes when updating to 4.7.5

Not much that I can provide, but here is all I got:

A couple of days ago, I attempted to update my PC to UE 4.7.5. I did this while doing several other functions, and my computer crashed. Blue screen. Again, tried. Again, crashed.

At this moment, my desktop is trying to download the files for 4.7.5. I closed all other programs before initiating the download. Now UE4 has frozen up, about 50% of the way through the download, with the speed sitting at 0B/s.

Is this a known issue? If I don’t receive an answer fairly soon, I’ll probably just stick to a previous version, but it would be nice to have it all updated.

Its currently frozen on the download, and has been for a while. Should I leave it and let it think?

Hi bnisbet,

It’s been several hours since your post. Did the download finish?

If not, you can try some troubleshooting steps here.

Hello TJ,
Unfortunately, the download didn’t finish on that occasion. I ran it today using all the steps listed in the link you provided, and there was some progress. The program was able to finish downloading and start verification. However, once it reached 93%, it froze my computer. I waited for quite some time for the verification to progress, but to no avail. Eventually I had to hard reset my computer.

If you’re up for it, we can try something else and if it fails you can get the log files that may help us track down the issue.

Try the suggestion in the excepted answer on this post. You will basically be deleting anything that maybe left over from the attempted install. Then before you try downloading it again, follow the steps here to set the Launcher up to generate your Debug Logs.

Then try downloading it. If it works, great! If it fails again, post the debug logs for us and I will ask our Launcher team to look into this further.

Hello TJ,

I’m not sure exactly what helped, but I followed the steps outlined in the link you provided, and now everything works smoothly! I was able to download the update and install it with no problems.

Thank you very much for your time!