Computer Cost Efficiency Question

In my project, I have actor blueprints, which are essentially coins to collect in my game that rotate constantly. (As part of the model’s animation it is looping) Right now, to make the coins randomly spawn in set locations, I have them placed in set locations and on event begin play, each coin will have a fifty percent chance to destroy itself instantly. This randomizes where the coins will be, while keeping them in set locations (like I want them to do so), however I don’t know if this is demanding of PCs. Is this cost effective? Or should I replace each coin with a blueprint that is essentially a target point (set location) that would have a 50 percent chance of spawning a coin on event begin play, then destroying itself? Would that be any better? Is there an even better way to go about this? Please tell me your thoughts!Capture.PNG

I’d leave it the way you have it, the other way is no more cost effective. Make sure the actor gets destroyed, not just the mesh. Depending on how many are on screen and how far your view distance is LODS, lowering distance texture complexity and instancing all reduce load on the pc.

Good to know, thank you! Right now I’m using the destroy actor node, so I’m assuming it’s destroying the entire thing not just the mesh. So far my project doesn’t appear to be too hard on my computer, it’s just that I didn’t the coins to lag the game too much if there were too many of them.

What you’re doing is good enough, and yes, destroy actor will also remove the collision/script bits of the actor.