Compressed shipping not working on website!

Hi, I have an issue with HTML5 shipping.

I am using 4.22 as I guess it was the last version to be able to ship HTML5 builds.

I try 2 shipping

Uncompressed HTML5 shipping which works fine on both local and on website.

Compressed HTML5 shipping which works fine on local but not on the website!

Uploading the game on the server I try from the website (Chrome 64x) and I get this


Gzip is enabled on the server as I tested the page for gzip and it is activated!

Also I use the htaccess generated by UE4 that defines the files as gzip assets

Is there a solution for this? The uncompressed game works fine on every computer apart of this, the only thing is that I have to distribute the uncompressed version (90MB) instead of the compressed version (30MB) which add a lot of time for users to download the game and ruins the idea of the project.

First reply of Compressed and IndexedDB do not work · Issue #18 · UnrealEngineHTML5/Documentation · GitHub

I already read this text as it was generated when building the HTML5 (which is by the way full of typos…)

I think the issue might come from my Apache web server configuration not having AllowOverride set to all but I could not find a way to control it on my web host.


This statement is false as the wasm of my build is 53MB and after compression with gzip it gets to 13MB

I have the same issue. and no solution.

Same issue. I’ve been trying to add compressed shipping to (employee monitoring software)](Employee monitoring - WorkTime)and I still can’t find a solution (((

I’m using HTML5 compressed (on a AWS S3).

To make it work I had to:

  • Gzip the uncompressed files by myself.
  • For each gz file on the webserver, I have to edit the file property and manually add Content-Encoding : gzip .

If you search your HTML5-Shipping.UE4.js for “Content-Encoding” you can find the script that throw this error:
if (xhr.getResponseHeader(‘Content-Encoding’) != ‘gzip’) {

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