Compress File to .uasset

Hi, I’m trying to translate a game, and the files are in .uasset, I managed to extract them with a tool, but to compress them and get them back .uasset I don’t know how.
Is there a way with UE4?
Let me know the steps to take, since it’s the first time I use it.

Hey Kanelakis08,

Import a file into ue4 and it will automatically create a uasset for this file.

After importing a my hand FBX it generated two UAsset files for me.

One for the mesh and one for the material ue4 generated.

Since it is a folder with files inside, what are the steps to do?
The files are not FBX, but in another format.
txt, K_jsonOgj, etc …
I send the folder .zip:

Hi, since the files are not textures but text, when I import the folder it does not open it in UE4, it gives me an error, let me know how I can do it.
I sent the .zip folder.