Compound--Shared Screen 2D Multiplayer Arena

Presented by Shawnee State University Seniors I’m proud to release the might-as-well-be-final version of Compound! It’s our senior class’s Metroidvania turned Mega Man-like turned 2D Multiplayer Arena!

Here’s a highlight reel of 4 players duking it out in our deathmatch mode

This game is designed for 2-4 players. You’re armed with a grappling hook, a shield, and a variety of weapons. Use your grappling hook to yank your opponents into danger. Start with either a fixed list of weapons or pick them up as they spawn around the map. We currently have 7 maps with an exciting 8th map being developed right now.

Download here!

Looks great, nicely done :D!

Thanks a lot! It was a ton of work!