Composure Volumetric Issue with Sun Sky

I’ve run into a rendering issue I’m not sure how to fix. We’re trying to use Composure for a real-time media server in a live performance and we have a murky atmosphere. In my test scene I’ve got a ExponentialHeightFog, a Volume with a simple volumetric shader and a SunSky component for ambient lighting.

This all renders out as expected with the CineCamera:

However, when I run this through composure and pull that camera in I end up with the volume being ignored:

This seems to work fine when I use the older sky components (in fact it works fine with the template UNTIL I add the Sun/Sky). It seems like it needs something in the background to render properly against. I can drop a Sky_Sphere in to fix that, but I lose the ability to see the sun and play with the time of day in the production.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? It feels like there’s something in the pipeline I’m not seeing here, I would love to use the SunSky component if I can.

-Daniel B. Chapman