Composure - vfx pipeline questions (after watching the composure live stream and composure example)

Hi everyone!

I’m a vfx artist and I’ve just started to learn Unreal Engine. What I did so far was taking 3ds Max scenes and taking them via Datasmith to Unreal. This worked so well and I’m so blown away by how great things are looking inside of Unreal Engine that I want to take things further. After watching the composure live stream and playing around with the composure example (I did the quick start tutorial) I want to try it and take a new project I got to Unreal. But I got stuck. Can someone talk me through the steps until I’m able to render a final render sequence. I’m not sure how to start. Do I go the same route as in the composure quickstart guide? Open the composure demo and import my stuff (camera fbx file, image sequence…etc.) instead of the demo components? I’m missing simple steps like getting my background plate into Unreal…Any help is appreciated!!! I haven’t found any tutorials on composure (there’s an asian artist who shows his workflow which was pretty insteresting but due to the language barrier…). There’s only the quickstart guide for composure in the manual?! Am I right?

Any way, thank you for any help!

Best regards,