Composure trough Sony Imaging Edge

Hi, this is my first topic about using Virtual Production techniques to an specific application.

So, basically I managed to connect a Sony A7R III through a Tether USB Cable to my computer and access to the camera image in UE4. It recognizes the camera as “Sony Camera (Imaging Edge)" video input and the real time compositing tool, Composure, works as intended.

We want to go an step further and recognize when the shutter button in the camera is pressed so we can safe the actual state of the camera (Transform, Rotation) in every shot. I want to know if there is any guide that would help to read this information from the camera. Any idea will help us a lot.

Thanks for the help.


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Hi, I’m looking for the same information, if somebody can help us it will be very great. :slight_smile:

Hi, anything yet? We are planing to make a hardware solution that goes over the shutter button, when it is pressed it will communicate to the computer via bluetooth and give me an input that can be read. It is not optimal but maybe could help.
Another thing that we want to use is the SONY REMOTE SDK to try to read the variables coming from the camera, but since our current camera is not compatible with the SDK software, we didn’t make any progress yet.