Composure Tool Plugin

As I dig into the documentation for Media Plate usage in the composure tool, im stuck at the point i add my green screen footage. In the GIF example when they loaded the video clip in to use the “Chroma key” the video file showed up. Without a media source, the Media Plate Element will be blank. You can set up a default still image (like we have in the GIF above), in your game config file:
[/Script/Composure.ComposureGameSettings] StaticVideoPlateDebugImage="/Game/Path/To/My/TextureAsset"

I saw this under the guideline step. I have no idea where to do this step^ and also am I to key my green screen footage based of a still image? Why cant i see the actual footage to make a key from there. When i load the “media texture” i only see a black box with no way to play it unless I go inside the media player. Maybe Im missing something but i have no clue who to see my green screen footage in the "blank space area i added objects in. There is just not enough information for me to understand what im doing wrong or how to even set up my green screen footage so i see it with the key applied inside of the “open space” i dont know what you call the empty area you add objects in and hit the play button to see it.

i guess a small update…Im at the point i can load my keyed footage on a media player, make a texture with alpha masked, and add it on a plane. This is the method if been testing on. Seems like most of the info i find is for people who want to do mixed reality or on set real time composure. I only need the baby steps of the most effective way to quickly get multiple shots inside the engine without the whole plane object…i know there has to be a simple way to do it i just have to keep looking!!!

I have same question, pls help V_V

Im trying to figure this out too. Any hone have any info on this?

me too. i have also tried but no success.

Hi, I got it to work by making the clip play back via the Level Blueprint. This is covered here -